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500 reasons I run (actually there’s only 5)

Run Streak Day 500!

On May 1, 2016, I embarked on a running streak. Several people in the group I run with occasionally, The Yellow Donkeys, had started the streak. So I thought, why not. The rules are simple enough, run at least one mile every day. Today (Sept. 13) I logged day 500. So I figured I offer some reasons why I run.

  1. It’s a great form of exercise. I feel like logging at least a mile is a quick way to get in a workout without committing a lot of time to the gym. Some days I’m pressed for time, but I figure I can spare at least eight or nine minutes to do that mile.
  2. I’m competitive. It probably doesn’t show on the surface, but I get very competitive when it comes to a lot of things. When my fellow Donkeys post about their streaks, I have a sense of proud knowing that I too am a part of this streak initiative. When our runs were being logged as a Challenge on the Map My Run app, I always wanted to rank in the top five of our group. I love racking up steps on my Health app too and try to top each day.
  3. Running gives me time to think. When I go on longer runs especially I clear my mind and focus on things I want or need to get done. I’ve come up with countless blog and podcast ideas while pounding the pavement. At the same time, I can get caught up on my favorite podcasts. It’s my primary form of entertainment these days.
  4. Money isn’t a factor. Other than buying new running shoes a couple times a year (and I’ve been lucky to receive most of my shoes as gifts) running hasn’t cost me anything. Of course, if I sign up for a race, there’s a fee for that, but that’s up to my discretion. There are no monthly fees associated with running. Just lace up and go.
  5. I’ve had a chance to ‘redo’ my high school days. All four years of high school I was on the cross country team. I did it more for the social aspect. Back then I couldn’t even make it through a 5K without stopping to walk. But in my 40s, I have run a marathon and countless 5Ks and other races. Even though I weigh more today, I am in better shape than I was at age 18 and on the cross country and track teams.

Although some days it tougher than others, I am glad I started this running streak. I’m not sure how many more days in a row I have left, as my ankles and knees are feeling the effects of my efforts.

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