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Still trying to outrun my fork

Trying to out run my fork

In January 2016 I posted a blog about how running was making me fat. At the time of that post, I weighed 193.6 pounds. I’m pretty sure that was my heaviest, despite having just run a marathon a few months prior and a total of 793 miles for the year (2015). At that time I vowed to make a change and joined Gold’s Gym and with the help of my friend Tyler Hatton, I started working out on a regular basis.

Working out in 2016

The journey was a reboot of something I like to call Operation Find My Abs. But like I always do, I got derailed about five months into the working out. The healthier eating habits fell by the wayside too. And in my mind, I was justifying the poor choices because I had just embarked on a run streak. For the running streak, I have to run at least one mile a day. Now, 450 days that streak started I now weigh 197.8 pounds. When I stepped on the scale Monday and saw that number I was stunned. I shouldn’t be though because earlier in the day at work I popped the button off my khaki pants.

Mmm… doughnuts

So I’m once again re-affirming my commitment to getting into shape, or at least losing my gut so I can wear pants without the fear of projecting a button into the path of a co-worker. The last few months my eating habits have been especially poor. Last week alone, I polished off four Krispy Kreme doughnuts, two glazed and two jelly-filled. As I ate them I knew in my head there was no way my run later in the day would justify my gluttony.

Mmmm… beer

Yes, I drink craft beer too. I know I’ll not find my abs with frequent drinking, so I’ve decided to cut back on how much and how often I indulge. Same goes for all the other sweets and fried goodies I’ve pigged out on since falling off the wagon last summer. I wouldn’t say I’m looking for my abs, just looking to make healthier choices and hopefully inspire some others along the way.

Thanks for not judging me and if you are, that’s okay too, at least you read this. And if you’re a particularly fit or health conscious person, feel free to share some of your tips here. I know (and always have really) that I can’t outrun or out lift my fork. But it’s a concept that isn’t sinking in.

15 Minute Standing Abs Workout Plan

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  1. I just finished a seven-day body cleanse and have been drinking detox tea. Spending the $40 on the body cleanse helped me to commit from my pocketbook to eating well. I even stopped drinking coffee for a full seven days. Meanwhile I have recommitted to my running as I have several marathons in the fall. We all fall off the horse occasionally but it’s if you get back counts. .


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