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I have my ‘comma’

Run, Kevin, Run!

On May 1, 2016 (one thousand days ago) I decided I was going to start a running streak. I follow the rules set forth by the Streak Runners International. For it to count, you have to run at least one mile each calendar day of the year. As I write this on January 26, 2019; I’ve completed day 1,000 hence earning my ‘comma’.

When I set off to do the streak I had no intention of running this long. My goal was 500 days. Then when that happened, I kept pushing myself and about six months ago I thought, why not go for one thousand. I figured out the date of when it would happen and that kept me motivated to carry on.

I needed that motivation because I’ll be honest. My knees, ankles and now lower back hurt. It’s even more pronounced when running. But this was something I really wanted to accomplish. I don’t like to brag on myself but this is really a milestone I would have never believed I’d achieve as a younger man.

I ran when I wasn’t feeling good; whether due to a migraine, hangover or just being under the weather. I ran in the snow, sleet and rain. On hot summer days. It didn’t stop me. Although there were times I took to a treadmill to accomplish the goal, which is accepted by SRI. I’ve run in seven different states; Illinois, Missouri, Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, Michigan and Nevada. And I’ve listened to countless hours of podcasts and generated some decent ideas of my own along the way. I can’t figure out the stats from the day I started the streak, but based on the overall view I’m guessing I ran roughly 1,800 miles.

Day 1,000

I’ve told the stories of my running days from high school and why I got inspired to start running back in 2011. Now I have to decide what’s next. I think for my general wellness I need to take a short break. Yes, the streak will end. But I want to focus on a new fitness goal. I want to run another marathon but I can’t properly train running every day, at least not in my mind I can’t. I will continue to run the next few days to get comfortable in the post 1,000 mark; but no, I’ll not be adding a fifth digit to my overall total. Thanks to everyone who has cheered me along the way.




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