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High school is better the second time

Good Times

For me, high school was a fun time. Sure there were moments I’d much rather forget. But overall the experience was a good one. I made some awesome friends and got to participate in a myriad of activities including cross country, track, yearbook staff, Key Club and drama club. I wouldn’t trade any of those experiences for anything.

However, as a parent, I will say I am enjoying the high school experience even more. Our oldest son graduated in the spring and is now a freshman in college. Our middle child is now in his senior year. Watching these two do their thing in high school has been a rewarding experience. Ethan showed hard work and persistence as a member of the marching band for five years (8th graders can march here).

This past week Carterville celebrated Homecoming. Mason, who is on the varsity football team, was part of the court. My pride swelled, even more, seeing him escort the queen candidate he was paired with. He doesn’t like the spotlight and will likely be embarrassed by this blog, but I was living vicariously through him on that stage. It was one of those high school moments I would have loved to be a part of.

Candid group shot from HOCO 2018

Like anything, there have been some rough patches through the years but to watch Mason grow into a responsible young man is what makes this whole parenting thing worth it. He’s making better choices and has a solid network of friends. These are the types of relationships that are critical in developing future success.

After graduation in May 2019, we’ll have a year off from high school as our daughter is just in seventh grade now. But she’s keeping us busy as a member of the junior high cheer squad. All three kids are growing up way too fast but they are becoming quality humans. That’s really the whole purpose of parenthood. It’s hard to explain the pride, you just have to live it.


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  1. I saw Mason at the “Breakfast of Champions” on Friday and excitedly said, “Hi Mason!” and actually got a slight “hi” back from him. I see that as progress. 😊


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