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Let’s talk about it

“I’m not fine”

Despite the headline on this post, I am really fine. But I know many others who are not. The suicide earlier this week of designer Kate Spade coupled with a conversation I had with my buddy Chad Smart on his podcast, Positive Cynicism, has prompted me to write more about the subject.

I applaud Chad for coming out on this week’s show and explaining his struggles with depression. He was recently diagnosed with ‘mild depression’ and wanted others to know they’re not alone. I think many times people suffer in silence and just put on a fake smile and say, “I’m fine” when asked how they’re doing. That’s in large part because there’s such a stigma attached to anything involving are mental status.

I don’t understand why this is. I’ve seen plenty of people talk about their struggles with cancer, diabetes and heart disease on social media. But for some reason when someone explains their struggles with bipolar disorder, depression or addiction; they’re told to ‘shake it off’ or ‘snap out of it.’ That’s not how it works. If a friend or loved one confides in you and explains their not feeling ‘normal’ don’t use those phrases with them.

It is okay to get help. That’s why there are professionals out there. If your car isn’t running right you do to the mechanic. If your vision becomes impaired you go to the eye doctor. So why wouldn’t you want to seek professional treatment when it comes to issues dealing with your mental well-being.

Obviously, I am not a professional. But I’ve watched too many people suffer in silence for fear of being ridiculed or looked at differently. We have to do a better job of making mental health services available. Support those who are in need. You never know whose life you may impact.

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