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GratiTuesday: Jason Hunsperger


I usually start these posts off with how I met the subject of the GratiTuesday. This one is easy. I don’t remember it though, as I was only 18 months old when my brother Jason was born. Despite having different personalities in childhood, we grew up close. He was more into sports, GI Joe and at one-time pro wrestling. I was more of a Smurf, Muppets and eventually pro wrestling.

My brother watched my back in those early years and in a way it reminds me of how my sons are now. They too are 18 months apart and Mason (the younger of the two) is the more athletic one. He has also come to the defense of his big brother Ethan. But that’s a story for another time.


Twenty years ago this summer, my brother moved to Dallas, Texas. He started a family and has stayed in that area, working on his career as a graphic artist. His talents have been instrumental in building both the My 1-2-3 Cents and Kevin Hunsblogger brands.

Several years ago when I launched My 1-2-3 Cents (my pro wrestling blog), I turned to Jason for some help in coming up with a logo. This was well before me joining the Jittery Monkey Podcasting Network and the monkey. I was just looking for a font. Jason came up with the My 1-2-3 Cents look that I still use to this day. In 2014 when the artist behind all the monkeys on Jittery Monkey came up with my logo, I merged Jason’s font with that monkey and I’ve been more than pleased with the results. I still get compliments on the overall look of the design.


When I decided I needed to use more than social media to get my message out there, I turned to Jason again. This time I asked him to create a business card design for me. He did just that and I’m still handing out those cards when I go to pro wrestling matches and other related events.

Then in 2017 when I wanted to build up my freelance blogging business and started Kevin Hunsblogger, I attempted coming up with a logo on my own. I have the vision, but not the talent to make it happen. One evening I received an email from my brother and attached to it was the Kevin Hunsblogger logo you see today. It’s simple. It’s clean. And I think it fits the vibe I’m trying to convey to potential clients.

So I want to thank my brother publicly for the work he’s done on helping with my brand and content creation. I appreciate the work he does and I look forward to seeing he and his family sometime soon.

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I'm a former TV news guy turned marketing manager. I like to blog, podcast and watch pro wrestling.

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