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New parents: don’t blink

Time flies

More than once I’ve said to myself and others for that matter, “Where did the time go?” It was only 18 years, four months and 16 days ago that my wife and I became parents for the first time. What’s even more baffling, it was 6,711 days ago.

Graduation night

The most obvious sign that time has flown by is that over the weekend we celebrated our son, Ethan’s, high school graduation. It seems like he’d just started kindergarten. I’ve heard people say before once you reach adulthood the years fly by. I used to think that was a cliche. I thought it was crazy. But it’s so true.

Each year seems to pass faster than the next. When you’re young you can’t wait for the next milestone to happen, whether it’s getting out of grade school, getting your driver’s license or graduating high school. It seems like that’s about the time you start pumping the brakes on life. But we get busier and busier and life goes by that much faster.

It feels like moments after that college diploma, you’re married and have kids on the way. You go through the ups and downs of raising kids and wake up one morning preparing to watch that child graduate high school. Then the circle of life keeps spinning out of control.

Senior night (Fall 2017)

The best thing I can suggest is to enjoy the ride. There are going to be tougher times than others. That’s just the game of life. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Make an effort to be a part of your kid’s activities, even when they say “I don’t want you to come.” Years later they’ll appreciate it. I know I did.

Nobody is perfect and that’s okay. We all make mistakes. We’re not going to do the exact same things our parents did. And you’re kids aren’t going to grow up to be just like you. That’s the beauty of parenthood, raising kids with points of view and opinions on life that may differ from your own. We lay the foundation and help with the building. But there are other influences and factors that become a part of that relationship.

Ethan in kindergarten

I could go on and on. But you should probably get back to the kids and enjoy the rest of the day with them. I know as we look down the road and in three short months when Ethan heads to college, I’ll have wished for more of those moments together.

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