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GratiTuesday: Carterville Band Boosters

Pride of the Lions

Many years ago our oldest son Ethan signed up for the band at Carterville Intermediate School. He started off with the trumpet and eventually transitioned to the trombone, an instrument I too played in junior high (at least for one year). Being a band parent has been a fun experience getting to listen to the young musicians evolve from the start of a season always impresses me.

Field competition

Part of the band is the Carterville Band Boosters. It’s a group of parents and volunteers who help keep the band program afloat. They provide meals and support during band camp over the summer. They’re there at the competitions helping mend uniforms and make sure each student is ready to go when it’s time to hit the field. That includes running props out to the field on competition days and in some cases hanging on to those items so they don’t tumble in the wind.

Marching at Disney World

The Boosters are there when the music fades and the cleanup process begins. These men and women give up their free time to chaperone band trips (Disney World & Chicago during our tenure). In 2017, they pulled off the hugely successful ‘Lions’ Classic Marching Band Competition’ along with Mr. Williams and his staff.

I’m once again barely touching the iceberg when it comes to what the Band Boosters do. The group is now involved in a fundraising campaign to purchase new uniforms. Between the fruit fundraisers, Larry’s House of Cake gift cards and concert performances; the Boosters will get those uniforms sooner rather than later.

We were small parts of the Boosters. I want to make that clear and express my gratitude to the parents and grandparents and other volunteers who made #TeamHunsperger’s band experience a memorable one.

Senior band members

The last concert is complete. The last final exam has been taken. Now we await the Pomp and Circumstance this weekend and our first baby bird will be preparing to leave the nest. It’s a bittersweet time for me but one filled with excitement and hope for the next chapter in our son’s life.

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