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GratiTuesday: Teachers


Thank a teacher

May 8, 2018, is Teacher Appreciation Day. I’m not going to pinpoint specific educators who have had an impact on my life because honestly there are countless teachers who made a difference. These teachers not only touched my life but the lives of my children as well.

I had a love for school from the start. In fact, I cried and argued with my parents when I was too sick to attend class. I enjoyed learning and I loved each of the teachers I had at Brennan Woods Elementary School. Even when things got more difficult in junior high, I did my best to be at school every day. In eighth grade, I received a perfect attendance award.

Teachers have a way of making each student in their classroom feel special. I remember specifically in fourth grade I struggled with reading comprehension. I went to a special class to help with that each afternoon. We had a creative writing assignment that year and my teacher was so impressed with what I had written for it, he had me share it not only with the class but also other teachers and students in the school.

Can you find me?

It was that moment I fell in love with writing. The encouragement I received that day was that confidence boost that created the writer I am today. I still have a long way to go, but I can pinpoint the ‘kudos’ from Mr. Charlie Nesmith for opening that opportunity for me. (Okay, I lied I am naming names.) And he would actually give us a piece of paper with the word ‘kudos’ printed on it. It was the first time I’d heard the word.

There have been many, many other inspiring teachers through the years not just a Brennan Woods, but also North Jefferson Middle School and Northwest High School. I can only think of one time in all my education, kindergarten through college, that a teacher made me feel bad about myself. That’s a pretty amazing record I would say.

And now I’m leaving the experience as a parent. I have nothing but the utmost respect and admiration for the teachers and administrators in the Carterville Unit 5 School District. Sure there are times of disagreement, but I believe the educators our children have learned from have made a huge difference in their lives.

Thank you to all teachers, whether you’re still active in the classroom or have since retired. It’s a profession I appreciate and very nearly joined when I was frustrated in the early days of TV news.





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