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GratiTuesday: Tyler ‘Heath’ Hatton

Tyler ‘Heath’ Hatton and a fan

Get ready for the smackdown

I met ‘Heath’ Hatton in 2010 when he appeared on News 3 This Morning to promote a wrestling fundraiser he was a part of. He was playing the bad guy that morning and insulted me throughout the interview, calling me Kevin Cheeseburger and referring to me as one of our evening anchors at the time.

Hatton vs. Ryback, Courtesy: WWE

A year later, we connected again through our work with All-American Pro Wrestling. Our relationship was solely based on wrestling, seeing each other at the shows. But I admired Heath’s passion for the wrestling business and his dedication to making himself all he could be in the ring and out. His commitment to fitness started having an impact on his career. He even made it onto a WWE pay-per-view, something that doesn’t happen often for local talent.

After the local wrestling dried up here in southern Illinois I didn’t see much of Hatton. But in 2016 he contacted me about coming to work for a wrestling promotion he was starting. He wanted me to serve as the company’s ring announcer.

Working out at Gold’s Gym-Marion

For those who know me and follow my pro wrestling blog, podcast and YouTube channel, My 1-2-3 Cents, getting involved in independent wrestling again was a huge deal to me. It was at this time I got to know the man behind Heath, and that’s Tyler. And that’s where more of my gratitude comes into play. As I mentioned, Tyler is a fitness expert. Over the years I’ve started and stopped ‘Operation Find My Abs’ more than I care to remember. But Hatton has been supportive, offering me tips and even scheduling workouts together. He’s done this for other people in the area trying to achieve their fitness and nutrition goals too.

Courtesy: Steve Belcher

Bringing wrestling back to southern Illinois has been a big boost for not just fans, but also for the men and women who are getting to live their dream. In the process, Tyler opened a school and is helping to train a new generation of indy wrestlers. To some that may sound like nothing to be grateful for, but when you have a chance to live your dream and follow your passion it means the world. Many of these shows are also fundraising, netting thousands of dollars for groups around the region.

Sharing a soda and a smile

He’s a great friend and a great father. I’m not so sure about the wrestler part though. (I kid) Thanks Tyler for what you do for our region.

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