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GratiTuesday: Jenn Fortune

Jenn Fortune


I can’t pinpoint the time period, but I know it’s been in the last few years that I’ve become friends with Jenn Fortune. She’s a photographer here in Carterville and is making a difference by doing more than just snapping incredible photos.

Like I say with all of the GratiTuesday blogs, I’m merely hitting the tip of the iceberg with the subject at hand. I know each individual does much more than what I summarize in these posts. That being said, I know Jenn has a passion for helping others in our community and beyond.

The Red Heal Project (2016-17) Photo courtesy: Jenn Fortune

I have the first-hand experience of this through Jenn Fortune Photography‘s Red Heal Project. The effort in late 2016 was a photoshoot with men in our area wanting to help raise money and awareness for domestic violence prevention. Jenn’s vision was to take photos of the guys with her giant red heel. Each man would then come up with a quote and the photos would be put together to make a calendar. I was honored to be a part of that shoot (Mr. July 2017 here).

Red Heal check presentation

Between sponsorships and calendar sales $1,600 was donated to the Women’s Center in Carbondale that year. Jenn returned with another Red Heal project photoshoot in 2017. Over the weekend there was a reception to celebrate the event. This year the Modern Widows Club of Southern Illinois, a group Jenn is a big part of having lost her husband years ago, will benefit from the $4,300 Project Red Heal raised.

Honor Flight

Jenn also gives of her time and talents on the Veterans Honor Flight of Southern Illinois. She documented the inaugural trip from Veterans Memorial Airport in Marion and the follow-up flight. She captured amazing photos of veterans as they receive a chance to see the very monuments built in their honor. Just last month she captured photos of men, women and children giving of their time at the Honor Wreaths for Veterans event at the Mound City National Cemetery.

Modern Widows of Southern Illinois

Jenn’s skills as a photographer can be seen in her works. But her personality behind the camera is something else that is amazing. She does boudoir photos as well and helps women feel even more beautiful. In her spare time (which is limited) Jenn is also a member of the Carterville Rotary Club which does countless acts of volunteerism in our region. I keep thinking of stuff to add… Jenn also took photos of Tom Harness and me for the 2017 #UglyChristmasSuit fundraiser.

Again, this is a sampling of Jenn’s kind spirit and why she’s worthy of some GratiTuesday recognition here.

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  1. Thank you, Kevin for this write up. Reading it re-inspires me to be better every day. I appreciate you taking the time to encourage me and that you see the work I’ve done. It means a lot.


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