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GratiTuesday: Michael & Linda Hunsperger

Linda, Daisy and Michael

A family affair

Yes, I have decided to dedicate this week’s GratiTuesday blog post to the man and woman who gave me life, my parents Michael and Linda Hunsperger. My mom and dad have obviously always been there for my brother and me since birth. That naturally expanded into our adulthood and our own families. There are countless tales to tell, I’ll share a few examples.

Most recently and what reminded me how much my parents do for us is their weekend visit to southern Illinois. Like always, it was a crazy weekend with the junior high school cheerleading state competition in Springfield. My folks stayed back with our two older kids as my wife and I traveled with our daughter. While gone, my dad painted while my mom did several other tasks; including laundry, ironing and breakfast meal prep.

Hunsperger summer fun

It’s far from uncommon for my parents to spend their time off working down here. Before they retired (they still work a couple days a week), my mom and dad would use their vacation time visiting their grandkids in southern Illinois or Dallas. These trips include fun times too, including trips to Disney World and Holiday World. It’s not just about the work, but they are always willing to give and not just to family and friends.

Cookie baking tradition

Mom bakes Christmas cookies each year for the kids to give to their teachers. Even last year when she was sick and weak from chemotherapy treatments during her battle with bladder cancer, my mom made sure Brooke had all the recipes and ingredients to carry on the tradition. Brooke did an amazing job and made her Memaw proud.

Growing up my parents were involved in our extracurricular activities too. From serving on the PTO board to coaching soccer to being a Boy Scout leader, Michael and Linda have done it all. It’s honestly where I developed my sense of giving back as well. I owe it all to the examples I was shown throughout my youth.

I could go on for days, but I think you all get the picture. Everyone thinks their parents are the greatest. But I’m here to tell you mine are truly special. Thank you for leading the way for the rest of us.

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