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GratiTuesday: #UglyChristmasSuit donors


Well-suited donors

The 2017 #UglyChristmasSuit fundraiser is in the books. I’ve talked about it several times here on this blog and on social media. Together, Tom Harness and I raised $8,469, topping our $7,500 by nearly a thousand bucks.

I’m proud of our efforts and for everyone who made a donation. Part of the deal was we do a photo and a social media shout out to everyone who donated. But not everyone chooses to go with the recognition. So without calling them out for their generosity, I’m going to express my gratitude in a blanket statement blog.

The gifts from these donors ranged from $50 up to $300. I was excited each time I got an email notification that someone had donated. The best part is 150 adoptive families in southern Illinois will now benefit from every penny that was given. Children’s Home and Aid in Herrin provides services to those families in our region. I had a chance to sum up the efforts on this week’s Positive Cynicism podcast with my buddy Chad Smart (@chadsmart on Twitter)

So again, I thank you all who donated, whether it was a dollar or $800. And remember, look for the Ugly Christmas Suit Guys in just over 10 months.

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