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GratiTuesday: Brian Flath

Brian and others at the Honor Wreaths for Veterans event Photo by Jenn Fortune

He’s Your Man

There are few people I know who are busier than Brian Flath. Family, work, church and all his volunteer work keep him going non-stop. When I first met Brian, it was with he and his wife Jennifer on a couples’ night out with mutual friends. Jennifer hadn’t given birth to their youngest son yet.

Scout leader in action

These are a few of the things I know for sure that Brian is involved with. He’s an active member of the Carterville Rotary Club, having served as the club’s president recently. He’s on the executive board of the Carterville Chamber of Commerce. He’s a leader in Cub Scout Pack 77. He’s part of the Carterville Band Boosters. And he coaches teams through Tri C Athletics. Those things alone are enough to call it a day as each group requires being active at events around the community.

You’ll also find Brian at the bowling alley, cheering on his son who is an amazing young bowler. Brian is also on the sidelines and courtside for his daughter’s performances with the marching and basketball bands. That includes helping set up and tear down the set on the field, live streaming performances and helping behind the scenes.


Brian is on the road a lot for work too. He’s an avid runner and a connoisseur of craft beer too. He’s also one of the founding members of #TeamPumpkin. Brian is a friend to everyone he meets and a mentor to many. I know once again I’ve only scratched the surface of accomplishments. But I wanted to show a little gratitude to someone making a huge difference in our community.

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