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We’re almost there!

The Harnspergers

#UglyChristmasSuit update

Christmas is almost here. The hope was that the #UglyChristmasSuit fundraiser would have reached the $7,500 goal I bumped us up to. However, we’re not there quite yet. As of this post, Tom Harness and I are $939 away from being finished. We will continue to wear the suits until we reach our goal.

The Children’s Home & Aid Christmas party

For those who don’t know or don’t remember, we’re wearing the Ugly Christmas Suits by Shinesty and raising money for Children’s Home and Aid. That group provides support for 150 adoptive families in the 27 southernmost counties of Illinois. The work they do is amazing and we want to raise money and awareness for their efforts.

We’ve received donations from several businesses and individuals. A huge boost came from The Ellen DeGeneres Show after a donation of two VIP tickets. We auctioned those off and Carolyn Smoot is the lucky winner with a bid of $800. Words can’t express how grateful Tom and I are to everyone single person who has donated.

This has been a great experience for me. Despite all the social media posts and appearances on television, people still ask me in public what the deal is with the suit. So if you’re reading this and have already donated, please share the link and let others know about our mission. I’m hoping to wake up Christmas morning and have our goal reached.

Thanks again and Merry Christmas to all and Happy New Year.

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