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Boo Blog: My daughter’s Halloween evolution

My daughter, now 12, was born a month before Halloween. Her costume that year was easy, we dressed her like a pumpkin. A year later she was a rabbit and the year after that Eeyore. Then we moved into the Disney Princess phase and Cinderella and Aerial. Cowgirl and cheerleader came as she got older. Then things changed.

Zombie girl

The year she was a little devil it was cute. But then Brooke chose to be a zombie girl. Her hair was teased, white makeup covered her face with dark red circles under her eyes and “blood” around the mouth. Our friend Gail helped achieve this look for her. Gone were the cute and cuddly days for sure.

Zipper Girl & friends

Then in 2015, the most extreme of Halloween makeovers happened. She picked out the zipper face makeup kit from the Halloween shop. This kit is pretty gory. So after she got home from school that afternoon we went to work on assembling this gruesome costume. It was far from the days of Disney characters.


But then in 2016, we came back full circle. She and her best friend Jaycie decided they were going to be Terry with a Y and Terri with an I from Monsters University. No blood. No guts. No ooze. It was nice and the two of them won a prize for their creativity.

Now it looks like Halloween 2017 will be spent at a basketball game as she’s now on the junior high cheer team. But I’m sure if she could be a zombie cheerleader that night she’d jump at the chance.

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