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Boo Blog: Going Solo

My go-to decoration each year.

Decorating for Halloween

I love Halloween. The candy, the costumes and the decorations. I have a pretty modest display each year; a pair of shoes and pants coming out from under the giant faux rock in our yard, a killer gnome and some pumpkins and lights. However, I’ve seen some pretty elaborate and over the top scenes that I would love to replicate, but time, money and space all play factors.

AT-AT Walker & Groot (both homemade)

A couple in Ohio recently made the news for building a 19-foot AT-AT Walker from Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. And a dad has gotten into the spirit by creating a nearly eight foot tall Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy. Both of these efforts are inspiring and my inner geek would love nothing more than to have these creations in my yard.

Solo Act

Han Solo in carbonite

However, if I had a magic wand to create (and more importantly convince my wife) I would love to make a replica of Han Solo frozen in carbonite from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. When I was in fifth grade, one of the art teachers in our school district, Mr. Mike Tamme, created a Han Solo. The ‘frozen’ figure was part of Brennan Woods Elementary School’s annual haunted house fundraiser. The final scene in the house was Return of the Jedi themed.

Because that was 34 years ago, I have no memory of how the Han Solo was constructed. The best I can remember was he was made from paper mache. Remember this was 1983 and smartphones and social media weren’t around. I don’t know that there are any photos of this impressive creation.

If I ever got my Solo decoration, I’d expand upon it and recreate Jabba the Hutt’s lair, complete with a replica of the intergalactic crime lord. How do you or would you decorate your yard for Halloween? Share your thoughts and pics.


Han Solo in carbonite phone case

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