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Boo Blog: DisneyBounding


Donald Duck vs. Kevin Hunsblogger

I must admit before Monday, I had no idea what DisneyBounding was. But my producer, Erin, at the TV station I work at explained it to me as we were all planning what to wear for Halloween. Because I’m on air two hours each morning, sometimes talking about death and destruction, sitting at the anchor desk dressed like a clown or Spiderman or John Cena might be viewed as unprofessional.

Kevin Hunsblogger the Minion

But I love Halloween and want to have some sort of way of expressing that. A few years ago I wore a Harry Potter tie with a black suit coat and black pants. It was pretty discreet. The year after I went with a yellow shirt and white tie. I tucked the tie into my shirt and put a black dot on the knot. My goal was to look like a Minion. I had no idea these acts of dressing up had a name.

That’s where the DisneyBounding coming into play. After Erin mentioned it, I Googled the topic and found several ideas. The best part was for most of these “costumes” I already had the clothes a home. My goal was to either be Donald Duck with a blue shirt and red bow tie or Bing Bong from Inside Out. He was the pink elephant who wore a purple bow tie. I had the shirts, so it was just a matter of finding the ties.

The News 3 This Morning crew

That’s where I failed, until a friend of ours, Vanessa, saved the day. So I sat for two hours reading the news with my blue shirt and red bow tie. Viewers guessed via Facebook and even called into the station. Top choices were Pee-Wee Herman, the late senator from Illinois Paul Simon and Bill Nye the Science Guy. One viewer guessed correctly. I understand I wasn’t exactly like Donald, but I thought the look was pretty close. Because I can’t go pantsless to work, I opted for khakis to best fit Donald’s lower half. I already have ideas for future events.


Other DisneyBounders

I love the concept of doing this and have seen others do it in the past. As I mentioned, I never knew it had a name. There are websites devoted to the practice as well. So if you’re still scrambling for a custom idea at this late hour on Halloween, check out Leslie Kay’s site here and get some inspiration.


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  1. Yay! I’m glad you too can now incorporate a little Disney magic into your work attire. My Winnie the Pooh Disneybound, pictured here, was easy to put together, and I can wear the outfit in everyday life.


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