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Dear ABC: Please don’t kill Roseanne Conner

The Spinoff Zone

I had an internal debate about writing this blog. I tend to steer clear of topics that are controversial, but I thought I’d dip my toes into the Roseanne debate. And I’m barely doing that… I’m not going to offer an opinion on her firing. But I will say this about the future of the show on ABC.


Network executives and writers: Please don’t kill Roseanne Conner. When I heard last week that ABC was going to create a spinoff of Roseanne called The Connor Family, my first thought was, how are they going to write the main star out? I remember in 1986 when Valerie Harper had a show on NBC called Valerie. She had a contract dispute after the first season and ended up getting fired from the sitcom. Despite it bearing her name, the network moved forward, replacing the title character and the show’s title with The Hogan Family. Aunt Sandy (played by Sandy Duncan) moved in after Valerie Hogan died off-screen. I get that it’s a different circumstance, my point is usually when a TV character is killed off, they’re gone from the show forever (but not always).

The Conner Family

I think killing Roseanne Conner destroys any chance that she’ll ever return to the show. I know that’s probably the point and something many one-time fans would like to see. But I view nearly every situation in life as fixable and don’t necessarily believe the punishment fits the crime in most of the cases of an entertainer being offensive. I believe people can and do change. I also believe in second (or even third or fourth chances). I can separate the art from the artist. Of course like everything in life there are exceptions to this rule.

I also realize 20+ years ago the writers on Roseanne killed off Dan Conner in the wrap up of the series finale. They made a brief mention of his ‘demise’ on the season opener of the reboot. I hope The Conner Family does well in the ratings and returns for several seasons. I also hope that those who have been offended and/or hurt by Roseanne’s comments on Twitter are able to forgive her and move forward. I also hope that if my words have offended you, you will contact me directly and we can talk about it rather than insisting I lose my job as a result.

Both sides seem to be loaded and ready to call for swift and permament action against the other. Let’s all take a minute and recognize everyone has an opinion and if even we don’t agree with it, it’s their opinion. I know this paragraph will do nothing to change minds, but I feel like if people at least see it, they’ll think twice before becoming unglued with the next celebrity snafu.

Vince McMahon and Bruno Sammartino mending fences

I’ll tie it all in with pro wrestling, my real passion project. Time and time again we’ve seen Vince McMahon, chairman of WWE, welcome back men and women who have sued him, talked sh!t about him and even threatened physical harm against him. There are different factors in play here, but I think if we all take a moment to walk a mile in the other person’s shoes, we might not be so damning to each other. Just something to think about.


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I'm a former TV news guy turned marketing manager. I like to blog, podcast and watch pro wrestling.

3 thoughts on “Dear ABC: Please don’t kill Roseanne Conner Leave a comment

  1. Love it!! Very well written. And truthfully I think Roseanne is truly sorry for her snarky remark.. and should be given a second chance on the sitcom.


  2. For the record, I have NEVER been a fan of the actor or the show Roseanne. That being said, I too hope they don’t kill her off. I am a fan of John Goodman, so may give the new show a watch, but no promises.


  3. I Love seeing my friend continually stepping outside his comfort zone in all he does. I always encourage that, so I need to do the same.

    **Please read Kevin Hunsperger’s blog before commenting below or replying to my comment**

    (Copied and Pasted from my reply on his blog)

    I’ve read your blog now for a third time and your post comments for the first time.

    Here’s my comment:

    1. We always hold people we think are important, famous, or in power to a higher standard. In doing so, we limit who and what they can become. We want them and expect them to be perfect. Before Rosanne was a TV Star she was a Comedian. A comedian that stepped outside the norm in comedy (male dominated) and made a name for herself. Not everyone liked her comedy so they didn’t go watch her. When the medium changed to mainstream media (TV) she had the national stage, not her target audience (Everyone). More people equals more people to offend. She didn’t change and hasn’t changed from the beginning.

    2. Should the show comeback? I honestly don’t know and don’t care. It was called Rosanne and I (like most of the viewers) watched because we wanted to see what topic she was going to create a train-wreck for. We watched because it made us uncomfortable and made us think in a safe environment (comedy). Some people might not find her funny. Hell, I don’t think all her comedy is funny either. It’s more a question of what makes us more comfortable?

    **Stop Reading Here – I Don’t Want To Offend You**

    No Seriously, Stop

    3. We have become a nation of people that are looking (and can’t wait to) and actively searching for reasons to NOT LIKE ONE ANOTHER. What the hell happened and don’t blame anyone else. We decide our own paths in life.

    We no longer accept people or move on. We have to make it a mission to destroy people’s lives. Yes, words have power, but how many TV shows, comedians, and famous people completely made you change your ideology by watching them?

    The things that affect our lives is THE REAL WORLD (not the MTV show). Interacting, talking, and discussing with those that make us feel uncomfortable. Nothing good comes from being around like minded people. How many in this thread have sat down with Rosanne and talked one on one with her? I haven’t, so I can’t pass judgement on her comments. I can say they are not acceptable, but I don’t have the whole story. I have what other people have told me.

    As I wrap up, we need to remember that everyone has their beliefs and views and thinks their’s is right. It’s not a matter of who is right and wrong, it’s a matter if we can coexist and respect different views.

    OK slam my comment! Go!


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