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Lost at lake

A three-hour tour

My family is on an extended weekend at the lake. In addition to riding on our boat, we borrowed a friend’s Waverunner because there are 17 of us on this trip. My 12-year-old daughter wanted to head out on the Waverunner and I reluctantly agreed, having had bad experiences with such watercraft in years past.

After we were rescued
Brooke didn’t want to drive, so I took the helm and as we left the dock I reminded Brooke to take mental noted on where we were. We remembered such spots like the dock with the red, white, yellow and blue chairs. There was another with a slide on the dock. But we’d learn quickly there are a lot of docks with these items on them.
After noting the gas level was quickly dropping, I told Brooke we needed to head back to the house because I didn’t have a credit card with me. We turned into familiar coves thinking each one was the right one. However, we learned quickly we were getting lost.
Of course, the gas level dropped another notch on the gauge and I began to get a little concern. Then dark clouds rolled overhead and for a moment we were hit with a few raindrops. My biggest fear of lightning never came to be.
Finally, I threw in the towel and pulled over to a spot of land. Luckily Brooke had her phone and we called my wife. She and her cousins loaded back in the boat and came to our rescue. Turns out we were soooooo close to being in the right place, but just didn’t turn at the right point.

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