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GratiTuesday: Evelyn Fuqua

Evelyn and the Easter Bunny

Helping Hands

Evelyn Fuqua is one of the first people we met after moving to Carterville and joining the town’s First United Methodist Church. From that first encounter, we could tell Evelyn loved her church, her family and her community. Some 14 years later that is still the case.

I could write pages and pages of content based on all the things Evelyn has done through the years to help others in need. I’ll touch on a few in this post. The most current project, Evelyn is working with others to put on a benefit fish fry for my coworker, Mark Kiesling and his family. Mark’s wife Debbie has been hospitalized since December after heart surgery. On Sunday, April 8 the church is hosting the fish fry to help with medical expenses. You can eat between 11 and 2:30 p.m.

Over the weekend, Evelyn was part of Breakfast with the Easter Bunny at the church. She also volunteers at the Lighthouse Shelter in Marion. Cooks meals for church suppers. Helps with an after-school program. And is a busy wife, mom and grandma. Evelyn also supports every fundraiser my kids are involved with; whether it’s buying Girl Scout cookies, butter braids or Larry’s House of Cakes cards. She’s also always spent prayers and positive energy my way when it comes to my family. I appreciate the messages I receive from Evelyn.

Something else I love about Evelyn and her family is their love for Disney. When she’s not making a difference in the lives of people here in southern Illinois, she’s rubbing elbows with Mickey Mouse and his friends. It makes sense as Evelyn tries daily to make our region the happiest place on Earth too.

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