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Show me the BUNNY

Merbs Bunny 2018

Delicious Tradition

For as long as I can remember, there has always been a chocolate rabbit in my Easter basket or Easter bag. I’m now 45 years old and it’s the one Easter tradition that has yet to fade away. When we were kids, my grandma would get all of her grandkids a chocolate rabbit from Kipp’s Candies in St. Louis.

Even when my brother and our cousins all grew up and had kids of our own, the chocolate rabbits multiplied and ended up in everyone’s basket. Sometimes we’d be hundreds of miles away and that chocolate rabbit would appear. Because I’m a dark chocolate fan, I’d always have that instead of a milk chocolate.

My kids & their Kipp’s Candies rabbits

After my grandma died in 2012, my mom kept up the tradition. My wife and our kids and my brother’s family looked forward to our own chocolate rabbit on Easter Sunday. Then Kipp’s closed and mom sought out a new chocolate bunny. Now the tradition is Merbs Candies also located in St. Louis.

This past weekend I celebrated my 45th Easter. I’d like to think most of those have been marked with a chocolate rabbit from either Kipp’s or Merbs. Even though I feel guilty after biting off those delicious little ears, that guilt goes away with each sweet bite. I love this tradition our family has as much as the chocolate rabbit itself.


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