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GratiTuesday: MDMC18

Interviewing iTom on social media & marketing. Credit: Isaac Irvine

Best Marketing Conference

I’m going to keep this short and sweet because I am still entrenched in the Midwest Digital Marketing Conference. I’ve written about it before, but I am truly grateful for being at this extraordinary conference again this year.

My first trip up to St. Louis for MDMC in 2017 opened my eyes to all sorts of things in the world of social media, digital marketing and content creation. My buddy Tom Harness and his team and Harness Digital Marketing invited me to attend. At the conference, I was also able to make some invaluable connections with people I have a tremendous amount of respect for.

Dre Baldwin

Returning Monday night old connections were reestablished and Tuesday morning things amped up even more. This year Tom and I have returned to our Opposuits/Shinesty suits and caught the attention of many people. So far we’ve enjoyed a keynote address by Dre Baldwin who encouraged listeners to find the ‘super you’ and the concept behind the ‘third day.’

Podcasting panel discussion

We also got to meet and talk with Dre before and after his address. That’s another benefit of hanging out with Tom because he helps me get in front of important people at these events. We’ve attended great sessions on the ‘gamification of marketing’ and a podcasting panel discussion. It’s only day one, but I’m truly refreshed and ready to tackle tomorrow and start implementing what I’m learning.

Thanks to Tom, Isaac Irvine, Vernon Ross and Bonnie Frank specifically for making this experience¬†a great one and for helping this introvert break out of his shell a bit more. I appreciate it. And I can’t forget about Dr. Perry Drake and his team from UMSL (where I very nearly attended college) for putting on this wonderful event. It really lives up to the name ‘best marketing conference.’ Thank you all.

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