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GratiTuesday: Laura Estes

Laura and her daughter

“I will do my best…”

I first met Laura Estes in 2011 when our daughters signed up to be Girl Scouts. Laura was an assistant leader that first year. But then her partner in the troop moved from the area and Laura quickly stepped up to fill the role.

Laura is an amazing leader. Many times I think people only associate cookie sales with Girl Scouts. Yes, that’s a part of the program. But beyond the Thin Mints, there are leaders like Laura and her co-leader Leslie Stroud who are shaping young women around this country. There are plenty of fun activities, like camping trips to the St. Louis Zoo and City Museum, canoeing and hiking.

Humane Society trip

But our girls are also learning lessons about life. Those lessons are much deeper than the curriculum in the Girl Scouts’ manual. Laura is helping build the character of these girls. They’ve served meals at the Promise to people in need. The girls have collected winter clothing items for children and adults in our community. And they’ve spent time at the humane society walking dogs and cleaning cages.

Laura is also devoted to athletics here in Carterville. She’s a board member of Tri C Athletics spending her time on the sidelines of volleyball, softball and basketball as a coach. She supports not just the kids on her team, but those on the opposing side too. It’s a refreshing example to see after attending games where parents and coaches are ejected for dropping four-letter words or threatening the officials.

These days there’s a lot of people who discredit the youth of this country. But how many of them are stepping up and attempting to make a difference? Laura is part of the solution and not the problem. If there were more parents like her out there the world would be a much better place. Thanks Laura for all you do for our daughter and the other youth of southern Illinois. I know there’s a lot of extras going on behind the scenes that we’re not all picking up on either.


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