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GratiTuesday: Jim ‘Rhino’ Reincke

Old & new friends coming together

Life is grand…

In 2009 the TV station I work at started doing a live chat called ‘Cover it Live’. Each morning my co-anchor Emily and I would interact with viewers. The “room” quickly became populated with loyalists, including a gentleman from Salem (technically outside our viewing area) named Jim Reincke. Known to all the chatters as “Rhino”, Jim was a very supportive member of the group.

February 2010

On two occasions the station hosted ‘Cover it Live’ parties and a handful of the group would come to the station to meet in person. Rhino, who we learned was an avid griller, hauled all his gear and grub and prepared a feast for us. I still laugh when he explained to Emily he was making Atomic Buffalo Turds. But there’s more to Rhino than just his love of cooking. (By the way, you can see more on Rhino here.)

Jim is one of the kindest, most sincere people I’ve met. He posts uplifting and positive things on social media, including his nightly gif or meme that makes me laugh. He includes the caption “Good day, good night.” with each one. I appreciate the humor, especially on days when there may not be so much to laugh about.

Rhino has written a book full of thoughts and Rhinobservations called Life is Grand, Bring it On! I have my own autographed copy and the book is full of inspiration. Rhino is the kind of guy I aspire to be. He’s an excellent husband, father and friend. He leads by example and gives back to his community. It’s easy to post witty Facebook statues and perhaps to even put your thoughts into writing. However, it’s a whole different ballgame to walk the walk. Rhino does that and I feel like I’m a better person just knowing him. I was lucky enough to meet with him over a beer during Christmas break.

Like I say each week with the GratiTuesday blog, I’m barely scratching the surface. So check out Rhino’s website and find him on social media. Buy his book. He’s a great, great man.


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