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The Most Wonderful Time for a Beer

Let’s face it. For the most part, 2020 sucked. And while 2021 was somewhat better, it still served its challenges. One thing I found to pass the time in December 2020 was a Beer Advent Calendar. A friend of mine picked one up for me at Aldi. And even though I thoroughly enjoyed it (see last year’s blog about it), I told my wife after I wrapped up the 24 days of drinking that in 2021, I’d create my own version.

Of course, in true Kevin fashion, I procrastinated and found myself days before December 1 and only about six of the 24 beers I would need. I also got bold and was making one for a buddy of mine who was celebrating a birthday this month. So I was really far behind.

The finished product

My original idea was to use Pringles cans and a cardboard box to create my calendar. I’d wrap it in wrapping paper and call it a day. My wife, who is much craftier and handier than I am, stepped up to the plate and helped save my three weeks of drinking ahead of Christmas.

Night 1

She ended up constructing my friend’s calendar with the cardboard box and wrapping paper idea. We delivered it proudly two days before December 1 to allow it time to get cold in his refrigerator. With a wood kit from Menards, a borrowed nail gun, and a last-minute run to Home Depot for a hole saw cutter drill bit, my wife built a kick-ass calendar for me. Literally, all I did was add the Pringles cans and beer.

Mmmm… cookies.

I liked the idea of building my own, and I believe 22 of the 25 beers (I had room for an extra one) were new to me. I didn’t look at the beers as I added them to their slots, except for the Broken Skull IPA I had on December 18, the birthday of ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin, the man behind this delicious brew.

Each night, I’d drink a beer and post a quick review on TikTok. You can see them all here (including my bloopers). I’m already looking ahead to 2022 and have plans to only use Christmas or winter beers in the calendar. So, if you have suggestions, fire away as I know there are plenty of holiday beers out there to enjoy.



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