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Happy Boss’s Day

I have given this blog topic some serious consideration, mostly because I know what I’m about to say will put a spotlight on my boss that she does not seek. However, I want to express my gratitude to her and to the world (or at least the handful who will read this).

Whitney Roberts, Idea Creative Marketing

I first met Whitney Roberts (Idea Creative Marketing‘s Chief Marketing Strategist) in 2015. I was working at WSIL TV and Whitney was a guest on the morning show promoting the ‘Knock Hunger Out of the Park’ food drives she had organized. This was also when I was expanding my blogging opportunities. Shortly after that first meeting, we ran into each other again and I asked about working for her team on a freelance basis. She agreed and gave me several assignments. The first blog I wrote for her was a piece on Google+ (may it now RIP).

The blogging gigs then transitioned into content creation for some of Idea Creative Market’s clients. It was something I fell in love with instantly and started giving serious thought to pursuing a career outside of TV news and in the world of marketing.

After several unsuccessful interviews for marketing jobs (either I didn’t have enough experience or the compensation wasn’t what I needed), I’d reached a new level of frustration.  So, I reached out to Whitney and she listened as I explained my dilemma To my surprise, she suggested a plan that I wasn’t totally sure of at first. I would start working for her three days a week to see how I liked marketing.

I jumped in with both feet and I grew to love what I was doing part-time significantly more than my career of more than 20 years. You obviously know how the story ends, as I’ve been out of the TV biz for four months and am now a full-time Digital Marketing Manager. I’ll never have the right words to express my gratitude and appreciation to Whitney. I wake up every day excited to go to work and help other businesses and brands with their marketing needs.

Whitney is more than a boss. She’s a mentor. And I think she’d be okay with me calling her a friend too. She makes sure our team has the tools necessary for success and growth. She takes care of our clients’ needs. And she has a top-notch snack bar stocked for us at all times. Thank you again, Whitney, for an amazing start on a new career path.

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I'm a former TV news guy turned marketing manager. I like to blog, podcast and watch pro wrestling.

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