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My cup runneth over

Holiday tradition

The great thing about holidays is establishing traditions. One that I have involves a cheap plastic cup that has become a big part of my life. As crazy as it sounds, each holiday I’m home (at my parents’ house) I drink from a red Family Circus cup.

Bil Keane

But why? Here’s the backstory. The cup made its first appearance at my Grandma Bresler’s house in 1983. I know this because it’s stamped on the cup. When my brother and I were kids we collected the Family Circus books by Bil Keane. He had a daily cartoon in the newspaper by the same name. We loved these and probably had a dozen or more paperback books.


So it was only natural when the PJ cup showed up, I’d fall for it. I would fill it each Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter and birthday party with ice and soda and drink from it. I was 10 years old when this tradition started. I continued to do it through high school, college and adulthood with a wife and three kids.

The cup with Thanksgiving dinner 2013

When my grandma died in 2012, my parents secured the cup. I was asked if I wanted it for my home but I opted to leave it with my folks. Each time we’re up for a special celebration, I break out that cup and drink from it. It brings back a flood of childhood memories every time I see it. After 35 years it’s still going strong and will continue to be a part of holiday memories for years to come.


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