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The story of the missing ring

Lost & Found

When I graduated from college in 1995, my parents wanted to give me a gift to commemorate the occasion. Instead of a typical class ring, I opted for a similar style ring but one that represented my fraternity, Sigma Nu. So on graduation day, I unwrapped a neatly wrapped box and inside was a gold ring with the Sigma Nu crest on one side and the badge on the other. I loved that ring from day one.

Sigma Nu means a lot to me. I am one of the original Founding Fathers on the campus of Southeast Missouri State University. Thirty-two men put in a lot of hours to create a new chapter. There were late nights, weekend road trips and lots of countless other tasks. But a year later we reached our goal and the Mu Kappa chapter of Sigma Nu was born.

Some of the Mu Kappa Founding Fathers at our 20 year anniversary

The ring served as a reminder of that hard work and dedication. Not just toward Sigma Nu, but for the degree, I had earned too. I was the first in my family to graduate from college, something that I’m proud of nearly 25 years later.

However, somewhere along the way, the ring that I loved so much got lost. In my mind, it was simply misplaced. I’m guessing now it was probably about eight or nine years ago. The last time I remembered having it was after doing some yard work. My hands were covered in mud and I slipped the ring off my finger and put it in the spice cabinet of our kitchen. I didn’t want to leave it on the counter because my wife had previously knocked my wedding ring off and sucked it up in the vacuum.

You can see the ring on my right hand

I don’t remember putting the Sigma Nu ring back on after that. I looked frantically for days never knowing what happened to it. I have close to a dozen dreams since then of finding the ring in obscure places. In one it was under a piece of furniture in our living room. In other, the ring was inside my nightstand, which we didn’t even own when I lost it.

To this day, I continued searching for it, digging deep into our couch cushions and scanning over it with a metal detector thinking it was caught in a crevice. I never had any luck. I even looked at replacing it but couldn’t find one like the one I owned. I was starting to lose hope.

Back where it belongs

Fast forward to this past weekend. My wife and some friends took our boat out for a river trip. After hours on the river and lake, we pulled into a marina for gas. I opened the glove box to get my wallet and low and behold the ring was right there. I could not believe my eyes. I was so excited. I slipped the ring back on my finger celebrated finding it. I had told my daughter about misplacing the ring just the other day and here I’d found it.

So obviously after that day of yard work, I put the ring back on and took it off during a boating trip and put it in the glovebox for safe keeping. We’ve been out on that boat dozens of times since then, but I guess the bouncing on the river knocked it out from wherever it was wedged and back into my life. I know it’s just a ring but it represents so much to me. I can’t tell you how excited I am to have it back.

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