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Stars and Stripes

Old Glory

Most of you probably already know June 14 is Flag Day. It was on June 14, 1777, that Congress signed the resolution that finalized the design of the American flag. In 1949, Congress officially made this day a legal holiday.

To celebrate and show my respect for the Stars & Stripes, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite American flag photos from my collection. The family photo dates back to 2003. We all donned our Old Navy July 4th shirts for this photo shoot. But it’s the flag behind us that has the most meaning to me. That’s the flag that draped my Grandpa Bresler’s casket after his untimely death in 1967. He was only 39 years old. Grandpa served in Navy during World War II. My grandma had held onto the flag for decades and in 2002 I asked if I could have it. It’s still proudly displayed in our family room, a reminder of the man I never had the opportunity to meet.

The rest of the photos in this collection are pretty self-explanatory. I enjoy snapping pics of Old Glory when I have the chance. Please take a look. Thanks to those who have served to keep our flag waving and our freedoms in check.

Ethan on Armed Forces Day 2012
Mason on July 4, 2013
Brooke helping at a Cub Scout meeting
The flag at half-staff after the Las Vegas massacre
Veterans Honor Flight of Southern Illinois
Iwo Jima Memorial

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