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Thinking ‘odd’side the sox

Doink the Clown

Odd Sox

I’ve been obsessed with socks for that last 30 years. I remember Christmastime 1987 I got my first pair of argyle socks. I was 14 years old and couldn’t wait to add more. Back then most of my socks were plain tube socks or black dress socks. Then through the high school years, I added a few more with flare. By senior year I had a pair of Christmas ones that played music.

My entire adult life I’ve enjoyed various kinds of socks. It seems like now more than ever there are several companies that are catering to sock obsessed people like myself. Friends tag me in posts by sock companies. I even have an album dedicated to Funky Socks Friday. But one company that caught my eye recently on social media is Odd Sox (@oddsoxofficial).


The company has pop culture covered in their designs. Themes include everything from breakfast cereal, cartoon characters and my favorite, WWE. On Black Friday I took advantage of their sale and bought two pairs, Doink the Clown and the “Nature Boy” Ric Flair. My Odd Sox arrived in a matter of days but I’ve been waiting to wear them.

My impressions


Obviously, I love the way the socks look. The artwork is amazing. On the front of the socks is the face of the wrestler. Then on the back, you’ll find the Superstar’s features. Flair’s robe is complete with the “Nature Boy” logo. I prefer the cartoonish look to these particular socks over the photos of Superstars.

Odd Sox are oddly comfortably. I’ve worn plenty of socks through the years, but these are among some of the best I’ve owned. They’re the right consistency (is the right word?) Not too thick and not so thin either. These are some of the softest socks I’ve ever worn too. Some days I’m in my socks and shoes for 12+ hours straight without a chance to change. These are a welcome addition to my sock drawer.

The WWE socks that I purchased are regularly priced at $16.99 a pair. I’ll admit that’s more than I’ve ever paid for socks before, but they are worth the value. Also, as I mentioned I shopped on Black Friday and actually saved 30 percent so I didn’t pay nearly that much. On top of that, there was a surprise included in the package when it arrived (I won’t spoil that for you).

It looks like on the Odd Sox website the 30 percent discount is continuing for the holidays so you can add a pair or two to your Christmas wish list. The other cool thing about the company is they offer a Sox Box monthly subscription. It’s a service I’m seriously contemplating in the New Year. It’s a great value one pair of Odd Sox for $10 a month, all the way up to 10 pairs for $75. I love everything about this company.



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