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Who ya gonna call for ghostwriting?


Benefits of hiring a ghostwriter

Life is busy. Between family, work and “me” time, building a brand is often put on the back burner. That’s especially true for people who not only have a “day job” but are also trying to start their own business. Hiring someone to help with content creation is money well spent. It’s more affordable than you might think. You, your business and your family will all benefit.

  • Ghostwriters are professional. But shop around, because as the saying goes, ‘you get what you pay for.’ Ask for writing samples and find out how the writer will come up with the content for the posts you need. Quality ghostwriters will do the proper research and then create a well-written blog for you. Rest assured when you hire a professional; grammar, spelling and accuracy come first.
  • Content creators, whether a ghostwriter or someone who is getting recognized for their work, save you time. This allows for more attention on the things that are important at home or work. You don’t have to worry about doing the research, scheduling any necessary interviews with experts or the actual writing. And because they are accustomed to writing on a range of topics, the turnaround is typically pretty quick. Don’t forget to discuss the expectations including deadlines and revisions before making a deal.
  • You get the credit. Ghostwriters aren’t looking to take any of the spotlight. Hiring someone to write your content anonymously allows you to put your name on the article. This makes you look like a rock star. Not only are you running your business, taking care of your family and pursuing other interests, you’re also creating informative new content that others want to know all about. The ghostwriter gets paid and you get to retain the rights to the content for future distribution. 
Too often business pages on social media sit dormant for days, weeks and sometimes even months. An inactive page does not leave a good impression. Whether it’s blogs or other brand-specific content, there are professionals who can help. My friends at Harness Digital Marketing handle those needs along with SEO, customer service and consulting.


To learn more about how Kevin Hunsblogger can help with your blog writing needs, email You can talk with the team at Harness Digital Marketing for your social media needs at (314) 884-1192.

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I'm a former TV news guy turned marketing manager. I like to blog, podcast and watch pro wrestling.

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