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You decide: #UglyChristmasSuit 2017

Created by Tom Harness


I’m thrilled this year to be joining my buddy Tom Harness in the #UglyChristmasSuit Fundraiser. He created the concept in 2014, wearing an Ugly Christmas Suit from Shinesty/Opposuits in an effort to spread Christmas cheer and raise money for good causes here in southern Illinois.

The concept is simple, for a donation, Tom (and this year I) will stop by your place of business, event or gathering and pose for a picture in the Ugly Christmas Suit. That photo will then be shared on social media and garner thousands of views. It’s a great way to promote your business or cause and help someone else in the process. The recipient of this year’s campaign is still being determined.

Vote early and often

The Shinesty/Opposuits folks have already rolled out this year’s designs. There are four to chose from, but we want you to help us pick which one. We will both wear the same design and make as many appearances together as possible.

You can vote by going to either of our Facebook pages Tom Harness or Kevin Hunsperger. Then simply cast your vote for your favorite (or least favorite). But keep in mind if you follow us on social media, you’ll be seeing a lot of this suit from the end of November until mid to late December. Thanks for participating and don’t forget to make a donation once we’re up and running.

Check out Ugly Christmas suits here

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