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When your kindergarten baby grows up

First day in Kindergarten & first day of senior year

I know this blog isn’t going to win any popularity contests in my house, but I felt compelled to write it anyway. Twelve years ago our oldest son Ethan started kindergarten. I remember the day like it was yesterday. We had a “first day of school” breakfast at our house and because the school is within walking distance, parents and children paraded down our chip and seal road to the front doors of Tri C Elementary.

My wife was in the final weeks of pregnancy with our youngest and she blames her emotions that morning on pregnancy hormones. I’m not sure what my excuse would be. We got Ethan settled in at his desk and said our goodbyes. I held it together until we got outside and started our journey home.

Fast forward to 2017. That kindergarten baby has now started his senior year of high school. Because of my work schedule, I’m not at home when the kids get ready. But I ask each year for one photo on the first day. My Facebook feed quickly filled with back to school photos. It was well after 8 o’clock and I still hadn’t received a text.

Then my wife sent me two pics, one group photo and one of just our daughter. Just like in 2005, my eyes again filled with tears. I’m not sad that my children are growing up. In fact, I have an overwhelming sense of pride for all my kids. I look back and the last 17 years have flown by. The cliche is so true.

All those little kindergarten babies I watched with tears in my eyes on that first day of school in 2005 had a look of uncertainty in their eyes. Now, these young men and women are seniors, many showing confidence and perhaps happiness that the end of their high school careers is near.

For students reading this blog, give your parents a break this year as we mentally prepare for what the next step is. We’re going to ask even more questions. We’re going to want to soak up quality time with you. Chances are in the next 25 to 30 years you’ll better understand what we’re experiencing.

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