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Content is king in the social media kingdom


I am by no means a social media expert. But I learn something new daily about this still evolving form of communication and when the time is right, I share that information with others. My go-to sources include the wildly popular Gary “Vee” Vaynerchuk and locally, the team at Harness Digital Marketing in southern Illinois.

Check out Gary Vee’s books.

The Harness Digital Marketing team at MDMC17

In April I joined some of the team from HDM at the Midwest Digital Marketing Conference in St. Louis. I was in ‘sponge-mode’ soaking up all I could from the likes of BuzzFeed, GoDaddy, Ms. Candy Blog, Chris Strub and Bonnie L. Frank Coaching & Consulting. Topics ranged from video content, live streaming and best times to post on social media.

Now that my plugs are out of the way, here are some thoughts for anyone with a website or a social media page and trying to drum up support. You have to populate your pages. Content is king. Of course, I’m going to push the written word in the form of blogs. That’s what I do. I want to help businesses and non-profits draw attention to what they’re doing. Too many times I come across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages that haven’t been touched in weeks, months and in some cases years. This gives people looking for your services a poor impression about what you’re doing. But there’s a solution…


By simply adding photos, videos or links to other sites your followers would enjoy, you’ll boost your growth and start seeing results. It’ll serve you even better if that content is original and directing people to your site. Some of the clients I write content for have seen their page views and likes increase organically. An active site is going to draw more attention and “real” people liking the page or account. If you’re interested in learning more about my blogging, check out these samples and contact me via the link below.


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I'm a former TV news guy turned marketing manager. I like to blog, podcast and watch pro wrestling.

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