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Mother’s Day: Grin & bear it

teddy bear earring
Happy Mother’s Day

I’m guessing I was about eight years old when my dad took my brother and I shopping for Mother’s Day gifts. I had saved my allowance and wanted to get my mom something really special that year.  After rejecting the usual slippers, perfume, and flowers, I found what I thought was the perfect gift: a pair of earrings.

But these were no ordinary earrings.  They were teddy bears.  And not just teddy bears, but fuzzy teddy bears.  I knew my mom would just love them.  I eagerly waited as she unwrapped the floral paper and opened the small white box containing my gift.

I don’t know how she did it, but my mom acted as if it was the greatest gift she’d ever received.  She made a big fuss over them and how much she loved them.  She even took out the earrings she was wearing and put them in as we prepared to go to my grandma’s house to celebrate the day.  I felt proud of my decision.

Many years later I was not able to come home for Mother’s Day because I was studying for finals. So my parents met me halfway at a park for a quick lunch. It was a nice break from studying. As I walked to the picnic table I noticed those fuzzy little bears dangling from my mom’s earlobes.  

Now more than two decades later, one of the bears has gone missing. But the remaining earring still sits in mom’s jewelry box. I bought those earrings more than 30 years ago and it makes me feel good she still has one of them.

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